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Land Use, Zoning, and Entitlement

As one of the Chicago area’s top real estate law firms, MPS Law offers exceptional capabilities and expertise in the area of land use, entitlements, and zoning. We represent both national and local residential homebuilders, as well as office, industrial, commercial, and institutional developers of all sizes, and are uniquely equipped to achieve the desired changes in land use for each and every client.

Our land use attorneys possess extensive experience appearing before local, municipal, state, federal, administrative, and judicial bodies, and fully understand all of the business and legal issues that commonly arise during the entitlement process. Some of our services include negotiating and drafting annexation and development agreements and special use and planned development ordinances and agreements with municipalities and other government agencies. We also interact with permitting and regulatory authorities regarding applications and approvals. A partial list of our services includes:

  • Zoning and subdivision approvals
  • Environmental review
  • Historic preservation
  • Wetlands and environmentally sensitive sites
  • Environmental remediation
  • Industrial property redevelopment

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“Success in zoning law is all about process. Our land use attorneys have a wealth of experience at every level – local, municipal, state and federal – and are skilled at handling virtually any business or legal issue that may arise.”