About MPS

Forget about size and growth, billings and revenues. For Meltzer, Purtill & Stelle, success is solely a measure of how well we meet our clients’ objectives. Always has been, always will be.

It’s what first brought our founding partners together back in the late 1980s in the Schaumburg office of a legendary AM Law 100 firm, where they recognized the unique potential of the talent and chemistry they shared. Within a decade they had left the big firm behind and begun building a legacy of their own, as one of the Chicago area’s most successful business-to-business law firms of any size.

Which is what MPS Law remains today. An organization that rejects “growth for growth’s sake” in favor of maintaining an environment designed to attract and support the most talented attorneys in select practice areas. An organization that is lean in numbers, deep in talent, and united by an uncompromising commitment to put our clients’ interests first and last.


“We empower entrepreneurs, and we create opportunities.” So says Roger Stelle in the opening of this video introduction to MPS Law. Take a few minutes to watch and listen to Roger and a few of his peers expound on the “very unique brand” that is MPS Law.

“Most law firms measure success in terms of growth – in revenues, profits, staff, and ever-widening service offerings. That’s not MPS Law. We define success solely in terms of how well we meet the needs and objectives of our clients. That’s all that matters.”