Practice Area

Bankruptcy and Restructuring


Attorneys in the Bankruptcy and Restructuring practice group represent clients affected by financial distress in bankruptcy cases, federal and state courts and out-of-court transactions in and around Chicago and across the country. While we provide a full range of services to our clients, our size enables us to do so in a practical and cost-effective manner. Our services include:

  • Lender and Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy – We represent secured and unsecured creditors, investors, suppliers, customers, landlords, tenants, insurers and other parties in all aspects of chapter 11 reorganization and chapter 7 liquidation cases.
  • Loan Workout/Out-of-Court Restructuring – We represent secured lenders in loan workouts, out-of-court debt restructurings, and orderly liquidations of borrowers’ business assets. We also represent sellers and buyers of distressed secured loans and loan portfolios.
  • Bankruptcy Litigation – We defend clients against preference, fraudulent transfer, and other avoidance claims by debtors and bankruptcy trustees. We also represent clients in other types of bankruptcy litigation, including motions for relief from the automatic stay, to require adequate protection payments, to compel assumption or rejection of contracts and leases, and for allowance and payment of administrative expenses, claim objections, and plan confirmation disputes.
  • Distressed Acquisitions and Investments – We represent purchasers of assets of distressed businesses in court-supervised and out-of-court transactions, including Section 363 sales, UCC Article 9 foreclosure sales, Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors proceedings, and state and federal court receiverships.
  • Creditors’ Rights Litigation – We represent creditors in every type of collection/enforcement action, including: pursuing collection through state and federal court litigation, including judicial foreclosure, receivership, replevin, and citation proceedings; enforcing creditors’ rights and remedies under UCC Article 2 (Sales) and Article 9 (Secured Transactions); and enforcing clients’ rights and remedies in real estate collateral, including mortgage and mechanics’ lien foreclosure litigation, receiverships, and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.


Timothy W. Brink

Lender and Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Litigation, Distressed Acquisitions and Investments

Kevin R. Purtill

Lender and Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy, Loan Workout/Out-of-Court Restructuring, Creditors’ Rights Litigation

Steven R. Rogovin

Lender and Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Litigation, Creditors’ Rights Litigation

Allen C. Balk

Loan Workout/Out-of-Court Restructuring, Distressed Acquisitions and Investments

Charles A. Valente

Bankruptcy Litigation, Creditors’ Rights Litigation


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