May 21, 2021

Ray Horn Featured on MBBI’s Inaugural “Trends in M&A” Podcast

May 21, 2021 – When MBBI (the Midwest Business Brokers and Intermediaries association) announced the launch of their new “Trends in M&A” podcast, the decision to slot MPS Law partner Ray Horn as the first featured guest came as no surprise. A former MBBI president and longtime board member, Ray offers the perspective of a corporate attorney with over 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions.

In the inaugural episode of the podcast, Ray and MBBI host Greg Lafin explore the challenges and opportunities of completing mergers and acquisitions during the pandemic from both buyer and seller’s perspectives. It’s an engaging, informative discussion that should prove of interest to expert and layman, alike.

MBBI’s Trends in M&A / Episode 1

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